Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday big one.

I am so so sorry for the major slackness over the last month or so. Finally moved (well half moved) to London and started my new job which so far looks like it's going to be sweet. As most of you know I tried to do this last year but ended up coming back home to do an MSc and fuck my life up as much as I could by allowing my self to be sucked into a fucking horrible depressing life and becoming a total cunt! As you might have seen I try not to use to much bad language in this but that is what I became. I let myself be turned into some one who I always hated without even putting up any sort of fight or trying to save the only thing that has ever truly mattered to me. It would be easy to blame it all on other people but the truth is it was my fault, I was a weak excuse of a human and I hated every single part of the who fucking episode which has left me fucked and not properly happy or the really Krissy Shee for the past year and fuck knows how much longer to come. The only thing to keep me going was BMX and some good friends. I just want to say think you to you all, you know who you are and I wish I listened to you all earlier instead of going into self destruct with "that". If it wasn't for you all and the little 20" wheels I would no doubt be in a much worse situation that I am now. This is not only a thank you be an apology for it all. I fucked up big time and regret every second of it, I hurt a lot of people and I know you were all disappointed with me but I hope most of you can see that the proper Krissy Shee is almost back together with just the one major piece still missing. I love you all.

Right back on with the normal carry on. As I said I have started my new job and contrary to any rumors going around I do not have a mustache, stick on or other wise and I am not drinking cocktails or wearing sparkly jump suites. I rode the little skate lite park I have talked about before on my way back from work on Tuesday which was sweet as it was the first time I have been out since moving. The mini ramp there is rather good although it is a bit wide for it's size. Yesterday was really sunny so I went to a little park around the corner from where I am staying which was canny for the odd little set up it is.

The 1/4s are a bit mellow and the grinds are only metal on one side but the concrete still slides ok on the old smith. Met a couple of people there, one fella who had a really nice turn down on him and they all had pegs which was nice to see. With it only being a little park I only spent an hour there before heading back to base to work out the rout to Camden skatepark which looked rather sweet. It's just one long road all the way to it from Rosies so I thought I would just mooch it. Only took half an hour to ride there which wasn't to bad. When I got there it was rather busy but not as snakey as one might imagine. It's a really good park however the riders were not as friendly as up north (as in North London). Was more of an Exi vibe about the place. The street section was ok but there was a distinct lack of grinds and pegs in the place but the nice banks and sort of Temple Park bank things down one side where enough for a man of my streetness!! Haha. The bowl in that place is amazing as you can see and although I can't really ride that type of thing, carving around and jumping the hips was more than enough fun for me. The section at the top which is like a mini was the perfect steepness and was a really really nice ride.

If the place was a bit quieter it would be a really good session and I might get myself along to the Wednesday night session that goes on and try and make some friends and maybe next time I can have some pictures of riding again and not just empty parks stolen off google and I have no mates to take pictures of. Anyway I hope I see some of you soon and I promise to be less slack even though I don't think I'll have any pictures for awhile but I will still keep on the updates.


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  1. man up shee, pointless dwelling on the past get out there and put your pegs on stuff smile drink beer and mosh your socks off, the rest will follow