Friday, 18 June 2010

Football Photo Friday.

This week I seen the sickest rail I have seen sent, possibly ever. The Lad's still got it. Also this week I have slung plentifully barspins however I am not ready for the big one. As you all know, the sun has been shining all week so quite abit of riding has gone down however nothing has been captured on the trusty Samsung. Going to wait till next week before it comes out and hopefully clocks some good stuff. So there you have it really, nothing major has gone down apart from the opening line of this post. All the boys from the dark side came over on Wednesday and rode the splendors found within Roker park however with the Wold Cup going on who can resist a game of footy? Once Dawson and Brogan made sure the goal was up to scratch it was kick off.

And for the non footy fans here is Mike hopping a bin.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Back on track photo Friday.

Well I know technically it's Saturday but who cares. Just got in from riding not 10 minutes ago. Wicked night in the south, well Boro Plaza and Darlo. After a slow start I got my self sorted and got my shred on just as the dude came and kicked us out the Plaza. The place shuts at 8:30 now which really sucks as the sun didn't make it's way to bed till well past 10. Got to ride for free though. You win some you lose some. Dawson went off and sent some can't wicked shit tonight which you will all get to see in this months edit, the lad will not disappoint. Went to Darlo 1/4, the host of today's photo. Didn't arrive there until 9:20 but still got a full hours shred before the darkness took over and forced us to pack up and head to the centre of town for a pizza and a can. Proper nice chilled out summers night the way things should be, nee more of this rain thank you very much. Hope you like this weeks photo, same dude same trick but different spot.

Grand daddy Woods putting that new hip to good uses with a table out of the extension at the infamous Darlo 1/4.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

We'll look who just showed up.................

Alreet people how's you all been keeping? Not sure if you have noticed or not but I have been missing for two photo Fridays and one edit. As much as I do try so very hard to keep this thing going I had better things to do, namely Primavera 2010 in the BMX Mecca that is Barcelona. As you can imagine it was truly amazing and it is only for such momentous occasions that I well let my concentration laps towards this bad boy. Here is last months edit, one minute shorter than I would have like for previous explained reasons. All will be back to normal on Friday and I am sorry for any inconvenience but I was having a better time.

We Ride Kids Bikes May 2010 edit. from Krissy Shee on Vimeo.