Friday, 3 September 2010

Friday Photo Seaburn Jam special.

Well I know it was almost a week ago and really this should have been up at the start of the week but this is the last week of my MSc and so I am mega busy hence no edit yet. The monthly edit is done but I still haven't looked at any of the jam footage never mind started to sort it or think about what to do with it. As you all know I will be sickly busy for at least another 2 or 3 weeks so this months edit and photos might be abit slack but I promise to do my best to get at least some shit sorted. Any way the jam was amazing, stunts went down the best of which I can remember would be Marc Bell hopping on the back of the block 3 onto the lower part and doing a slingger off. Dyno done a huge aly-oop whip on the 1/4er and a sweet hanger or over pedal crooks thing and low speed, Fido ripping the mini a new one with all sorts of crazy maneuvers, Sam Watson doing a sweet over pegs to hard way 180 on the new longer rail and late arrival Pete with a sweet 180 backwards crooks all of which got a beer or some sort of randomly collected items. Best trick I seen for the day was the NSF big gun Chris Souter with a huge curved wall ride to 180 and finishing off with a half cab bar spin. If you were there then you know how good it was if not you once again missed out on a good day of beer bikes and fun times. After the party came the after party back at the Shee house hold where all things considered the party went well and booze went inside me and the rest is a blur. Here are a selection of photos from me, some stolen from NMB and Mexican John the European explorer.

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