Sunday, 26 September 2010

Photo To Follow...

I have a house! Not much in the way of riding this week, well not until I've written this then I am off out to hopefully get a photo for you lot. The lack of riding is due to me getting a really nice room and a wicked house in Turnpike Lane. Big room and a back yard so riding will be happening so get your selves down to the big smoke and help me make some edits and show the south how we northern people ride street. Sketchy and hard the way it should be! Anyway how that I have a pad you are all welcome any time so just drop me a holla when you are coming down and I'll get the tins in. House mates are all cool and there is loads of place to sleep and keep bikes safe. I might hit you with another update depending on how riding goes and you will have a photo of something tonight. Hope everyone is keeping well and I am really looking forward to my return home at the end of next month for some good old drunken fun.

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