Friday, 26 March 2010

TFI Friday photo.

Afternoon people. Well this is the last photo for March and so we are one step closer to the summer sun. We had a small preview of what that might look like last week but it was not to last. This week we have reverted back the old English ways of rain and sea side fog, good job I have a light house to guide the bar spins into my right arm. This week has mainly involved small snippets of ride lasting no longer than 1 hour but at least they have been productive. Get abit footage this week and should get some more this weekend from some new faces as well as old. As some of you might have read over at NMB Seaburn is going to get shown whats up by them cats from the other side of the bridge so some clips should come out of that as well as loads for Dchums footager. Should be a good weekend if the weather holds out. As March leaves us I think it's about time the pegs returned, well that is if I get my hub guard sorted, then again I could always be a gay for another month till the sun comes back to stay for good.
Here is this weeks photo from the young gun and all round park rat of Seaburn.

Adam with a swish table. Kids these days, pah.

Friday, 19 March 2010

The what the hell happened to last friday double friday photo.

If anyone knows where last weeks post has gone will you please give me a bell? After trying very hard to get a photo sorted and making sure I got it on here before going to the big smoke for the weekend it ends up going walk about? Fuck knows why, I can only apologise and put the photo back up for your enjoyment this week as well as a nice fresh one.

Here is the photo from last week of the wall ride and BBQ king Mr Pid with his signature maneuver.

This week like the last two weeks has been full of constructive riding due to the nice weather and lighter nights. People have be waking up the old tricks from their winter beds and getting them ready for the coming months. A small crew of us had a little trip to Newcastle the other day and had our selves a little street for tea. Well that was after Dawsons had had his starter at Exi park. Same old same old wend down hitting up the normal jibby bits in and round the city centre. I still have no pegs and have enjoyed afew nice OTB sessions this week the last of which was just an hour or two ago. Tomorrow will be mainly spent gathering the rest of the footage needed for the edit and hopefully the weather will hold out and well get some canny clips. Also going to try and find something to convert my footage without compressing it to death as it has so far.
Anyway here is this weeks snippet into the BMX world, Billy(The Park Dog)Lad with his revived paint job from the good old days. Foot jam whip on the local hip.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Photo Friday.

Everning all. Hope you all enjoyed Februarys edit earlyer this week. Done abit riding this week in the sunshine, same it's yet to warm up but at least its dry. Nothing to intresting has gone down really just the usual spots, linking a few new little lines now that the brain has thorwed out abit. Anyway it's beer o'clock and I'm off out. Here is the first of March's friday photos taken on the last day in February. This man seems to be coming a regular face on here, Granddad with a 1 footed x over the hip at Hyde park.
Have a nice weekend, see you next Friday.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

February Edit.

Here is what non of you have been waiting for, this month (well last months) edit. Mostly filmed on a damp Saturday on a little tour in land as we tried to avoid the snow once again. This time we have an extended cast and locations even going as far as the tropical paradise that is Leeds on the last possible day of filming. This time I managed to get enough footage to fulfill my 3 minute goal even though the quality is shit as always and we even have some phone footage in there to but that's what WeRideKidsBikes is all about, shady as fook. Hope you like it, see you on Friday for the first of March’s photo even though it was taken in February. Anyway enjoy.

We Ride Kids Bikes February 2010 edit. from Krissy Shee on Vimeo.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Sunday in Leeds.

Happy March to you all. Since I failed to get a photo on Friday due to a flatty and sick weather I though I'd do a little trip report for you from Sundays drive to Leeds.

After a few texts of Mr Skippsy during the week the plan had been hatched to hit up the Works on Sunday since the big man had to pick up a piece for his other love his 205 rally car. ( Some say he loves it more that his bike and judging on his riding and moaning on this day I think I believe them.) Due to our little de-tour we had to drive though a previously un-explored part of Leeds by us and by the looks of things the last 10 years, we managed to spot a little skate park in the distance and since the snow that the weather man had predicted had not started to fall we decided to check it out. As we pulled into the car park we seen that right next to the park was a massive BMX race track with a start gate and everything.

After one lap of the track we decided we were defiantly not fit enough for this racing shit and headed over to the park. Apart from having the biggest and mellowest 1/4 I have ever seen the park offered nothing but massive coping and moldy ramps. Round the edge of the park however were little banks to curvy benches that worked rather well as a sub box, which was nice.

We decided to leave the park as to not push our luck with the weather and possibly get to ride Hyde Park before the rain came. After getting to the rapest hang out that is Hyde park it was still dry and looking promising to my wallet. We bumped into Wood's doppelganger has his mate Bob Scerbo and had a rather good shred bar the constant winging from Mick about he has can't ride and wanted to go home but since it was still dry I wanted to hit up some of Leeds street but after riding the elusive flat bank at the uni my street ideas were over ruled and it was beer o'clock and time for a burger and a pint.

After a trip the best boat based pub since the Tuxedo Royal it was time to head home.

Well wasn't that the worst and half arsed trip report you have ever read. We'll that just how the trip was, slack and unplanned. The BMX way.

Tomorrow.............. EDIT.