Friday, 30 July 2010

End of a sketchy week Friday Photo.

Well it's been a strange old week, the weather has been all over the place. You get up and it's bright and joyful then you get ready to ride and it rains so you sack it off and it gets nice and dry again so off out you go, get one clip then the sky darkens and it's time to make a quick get away only for the cycle to start all over again. Luckily between the darkening sky's and bright sun shine the camera has managed to leave it little red pouch and clock some quite good stuff, still not enough but one half decent days riding and we'll be there. I have started to put together the edit and am rather pleased with it apart from the major lack of quality due to further technical difficulties that come with a new computer. The good software I used to convert my clips is no more and I can't for the life of me remember what it was called and so what possibly is the best edit so far is going to look like it was filmed in a snow globe.
On another note there is some new art work for the top of the page done again by the wonderfully talented Rosie Upright. Thank you again for that Rosie much appreciated. Hope you like it. Check out her blog if you are that way inclined.
Anyway here is this weeks photo, sorry it's of me again but I was planning on doing a multiple photo update today but the sun has decided to do one and so photography and filming is going have to be put on hold. Last dash clip session tomorrow it is then. I hope to got it doesn't rain as I am still 35 seconds short. Fingers crossed.

A new trick in the bag. Hanger on the long lasting Seaburn rail.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Fucked Up Friday Photo.

Where has it gone? Posted it up last night and it has decided to do one just like the sun did this week. Not really got much footage this week due to adverse weather conditions however if you had some patients it was possible to have a good shred post 8pm a couple of nights this week which lucky I did. Managed to get 4 or 5 clips towards the edit but still nowhere near what I need so the back end of next week better be full of bangers or the edit is gonna be mega short and mega shit but still. Here is last night's photo which didn't work from mine and Wood's late night mission to Shields.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Leeds Leeds dirty Leeds.

Sorry I missed you on Friday, ended up going down the the King Far A Day jam on Friday night rather than Saturday as planned which was a very good move. Woke up Saturday morning to blazing sunshine and an amazing set up at the park, wall rides everywhere. The LS6 lads did really well. Me and Blob ripped it up and tested the wall ride and slung some bee's pre 9am. Earliest I've been on my bike in many a year. We then got some coffee and some breakfast from Leeds finest breakfasting establishment and did a little wander into Leeds for some shopping and to kill some time before the jam. Upon walking to the shopping district it began to rain and rain bad and so the only thing to do was go to the vans shop and spend some cash in the sale. When we got back the park was wet and nasty so we hit the beer. The place did dry up at about chinnese dentist so I put down the 40 and got out the stunt bike and had my self a little shred just to make myself feel better about my day. After a hour of power it was back to the beer in the sun leaving the riding to the big guns at the kicker. Seen a sick failed flip and Northen John sending it before getting more booze and chilling with old friends and some new ones. I then decided it would be a sweet idear to have a snooze before hitting up Leeds Leeds dirty Leeds club scene. Major mistake, snooze then party does not work so after a walk to the Dry Dock it was time to turn around and do more snoozing. Good times where had by all and we where all truly Kings For The Day.

Daws, slinger of the rail ride for the Friday photo.

Friday night fire.

Pid would be proud of this bad lad.

Grubs up.

The set up. Was also a curved wall ride on the hip.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Don't call it a come back.

And we are back online! Finally got my computer sorted and my first task was to get an edit made again. This thing is rushed and horrible with a crap song and Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 is the worst thing ever. How can a new program be so much worse than the one it is replacing? Really sucks. I will get a few good photos for Fridays update since I have let you all down so badly the last two weeks. I also still haven't started filming for the new edit but I will get as much done as possible in the last two weeks as uni has been sick so far and job hunting and stuff and people going way next weekend to Bug jam and there is the King For A Day jam this weekend so I hope Sunday brings abit of hungover street riding and possible abit clippage for you. Sorry for rambling just trying to get my computer sorted the way I like it and looknig for some new editing software since my Move Maker days are numbered. Hope you like the edit and I promise next month will be good as long as people pull there fingers out and get shit done.

We Ride Kids Bikes June 2010 edit. from Krissy Shee on Vimeo.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Computer trouble.

Major technical problems, I have not forgot. Computer is dead. I'll have a huge update next week when I get this shit sorted and will re-do the edit asap. Sorry to you all.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Thursday Scotland Trip Report.

I can only apologise for the slack behaviour this week. There was no photo last Friday as we had set off for a road trip north of the boarder and so far this week I have been busy sorting out uni and doing exams and shit I haven't really had a chance to get one here and tell you all about it.

The plan was devised late on Wednesday night in a drunken stooper that was the England win. Leave Friday afternoon once the grafters have finished graft and drive half way north and get some kip and save on a big drive on Saturday and start earlyish in the morning. On route we thought we would hit up Newbiggin by the sea to ride it's transitioned sea defences. After pulling into the car park of the stereotypical North East fishing village we where told by the Senior member of the crew that he had heard an urban legend that Newbiggin by the sea had had sand imported from beaches further down the coast to make there beach bigger. To do this of course they had to bury the promenade and the sea defences with it! So far so good. We still had a ride along the front and came across this rather nice stair set up.

Had it not been 8pm and we had not just got out of the rig shit might have gone down as they were a nice size and rather sweet with the little boost at the side which was abit righty friendly but still. Anyway nothing really got done apart from the odd boost and a hope up them without first checking them out, fortunately not resulting in a big o'l cobra bite. While heading back to the van we decided to have a quick look around the bend and found a taster of what we could have been riding if we had the time to dig through 200 tones of sand to reclaim the lost sea wall. As you can see these lost treasures would have had loads of potential in there day.

While I was trying to negotiate my way through rock pools and Newbiggins fine young adults in amongst the rock the Billy Lad was doing what he does best and slinging some bee's.

After a nice big shinner we packed up and moved out to our resting place for the night at Bambrough. We was planning on finding a campsite but after the late arrival and lack of them we decided to just park up and lob the tents on the sand. After scoping out the tide line for awhile we decided we would probably be ok to stick them up next to the rocks right below where we parked without getting soggy feet. Before we fired up the pink bucket of joy we had our selves a little mooch along the beach towards a white deer past a rather off seal that Skipsy took a fancy to. You have no idea how bad that thing smelt! Back up wind to Skipsy new lover for the night we set away pinky and cracked open the wine and beers and chilled on mother earths pre-made seats while we cooked up some gourmet burgers. Skipsy however being the new Ray Grils decided to go limpet hunting for his tea but after being put off by the green bubbles and sick taste he opted to dabble in the burgers with the rest of us.

Once we had our fill we went for a nice romantic walk along the beach towards the castle and came across two massive dice, which was nice.

We awoke in the morning to find that we may have slightly miss judged the level of the tide which had came to within 6ft of the back of my tent which was alittle but worrying. After knocking up some sausage sangers and black coffee on the beach we headed to the first proper stop of the trip, the new and highly recommended Edinburgh skate park.

Once we had a quick poo and wash in Ewan Mcgregor's favourite toilet we rolled into possible one of the best and busiest parks I have seen. The place was amazing and I recommend you go just not on a Saturday morning or afternoon or any point where children are not at school. After eyeing up a number of lines each to do for the edit we decided to just sack it off and go ride some street away from the play ground. After a massive loop of the historic city and finding out that some of the history had been either removed (RIP Shabaz) or fenced off we went back to a ledge we had seen earlier in the day and then onwards to our next resting spot, this time a proper campsite for a wesh and a good kip.

Once we found a place to stay we wacked the code into the Navman and headed for the site on a wildlife reserve only to be knocked back by a rather friendly scotish woman who kindly pointed us in the direction of a filed that the "lady in the kitchen" said people camped in all the time and that we could leave the rig in her car park which was nice. We loaded out gear onto out backs and hiked to the spot we where told. My word what a view. You could see right down to the Forth Road bridge in the distance and the rolling hills in front, couldn't have found a better spot to sleep after an amazing night sleeping on the sand. Here is a small sample of the view from base camp two.

And a view of base camp two.

That night the men feasted. Honestly the now ex-pink bucket seen some serious action that night, meat on sticks, normal meat, steam cooked mange tout and baby corn, mushrooms and tomatos, chillies and some good dogs. The lads eat well and slept well that night I can tell you.
We awoke to the blazing sunshine and headed to Livingstone for tins of bean and sausages and a variety pack of eight. Once we entered the shit tip that was Livi where some plankys had clearly had a massive doo the night before we found that we are not cut out for its gnarlyness and after a short stunt we offskied to the more homely feel of Glasgow street. We rode for miles around the city and shit got done as you will see a sample of in the edit which will be up tomorrow for all to see. Sorry for rambeling on so long about nothing in particular, guess you kinda had to be there.
Laters people.