Friday, 29 January 2010

That time again.

Well it's the last Friday photo of the month so I have gone all tech on you! HA, this is as far as my techness gets. This week has been rather impressive as far as riding. Not only did me and Woods go to Five bridges but the lad him self Mr Dawson made an appearance. Not only that but the day before that said people and Kalv rode some street, that's right, 4 people riding out side together at the same time, first time that has happened this year! Was nice to see people emerging from their winter hiding places and getting back to what they do second best after drinking beer. So that was two days in a row riding for some but for me, three days, oh yes I am just that foolish. The Pidster and myself had a little trip to Silky for the first time this year hoping it would be dry, which it wasn't but we still managed to get some footage which was good as I now only have two days left and not much shit on film. Not that it matter anyway as I have no editing software apart from Movie Makes and that doesn't understand mp4 footage so we are fucked either way. Sure I can come up with something though and get it up next week.
Well here is the last photo of this barren month that has been January, bring on the Spring. Mike feble up and along, smith down.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Fouth Photo Friday.

So we are almost at the end of the first month and I am starting to flap about getting an edit done due to the bad weather. I have a few little clips but nothing major but then again that is not what this is about. This is a fair representation of the BMX going on each month the way I see it and this month had been as dry as Dougys mouth on a Sunday morning. This week surprise surprise has involved Five Bridges, hit up by me and the only one round here who seems to venture out in the cold damp dark the Granddaddy himself, Woods. But here comes the twist we also got to ride some thing called street. You better believe it people, it is out there and it has been rideable at least twice this week. After a short spell at Seaburn park me and the BMX god farther headed over to the Polly and shredded the place up like it was 2000 or some shit. Anyway fingers crossed next week we will have more of the same and people will blow the Christmas dust of the old 20 inches and do some stunting, after all I have 8 days to get about a minute and a half worth of footage for January's edit.

You have see the trick on here and you have seen this man before but never in this combination, Woods Luc E on the extension on the steepest mini ramp in the east.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Another bad week goes by.

Well the snow may have gone but the bad weather is still looming over us like a bad hangover. The Sky's have been gray and the BMX world even grayer. Had another dodge to the only decent (I use that word very loosely) dry spot for miles, Five Bridges during the week with my man Woods in Das Auto. Although it was bitterly cold we managed a half decent shred despite the wet bank but I still yearn for some proper street.
As today quickly approached and I needed a photo my self and Woods decided we would make some room in his mams garage and have a little session in there and when I say little I mean little. Here is the photo of the week from the man him self Christopher Woods.
Fuck you bad weather!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday Photo Extravaganza!

Here is the second of January's photos. I wanted it to be of Stu but he decided to kiss the cold snow before I got the picture so it's another one of me which is a bit crap but still.

A cold Lue E at a cold Five Bridges.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Let the games begin.....

The new year is here, the new decade, 2010, two years till the London Olympics and if some are to be believed the end of the world. But we are not interested in all that, we live in the now, the present. Live for today, if you make it to tomorrow then you have won the battle.

Anyway enough with the shit. This blog is here for one purpose and one purpose only, the art of BMX and everything it brings with it.
Every week there will be a new photo and once a month there will be an edit from that months action! As most of you will see January might be a slow month since there is 4 inches of snow all over but stunts will still get done, dedication is the name of the game.
All the filming will be done using a HD handheld Samsung U10 Flip style camera, proper point and shoot. Don't expect a tool box of hammers or fancy art fag style editing, just good honest BMX from anyone and everyone. The aim is to put out a VHS at the end of the year for all the edits remixed will additional footage that I will keep for the main event.
Hope people enjoy this and keep coming back for more. Updates will be regular and I will throw any old rambling shit in here and there.

Here is the first photo for you all and as you can see there really isn't going to be any riding until at least next week.

One love.