Monday, 27 September 2010

Monday Mission.

Sorry for no post after I said I would yesterday, as soon as I posted it I put my pads on and it got all wet out side so nothing happened. Bummer. Got in from work today early ish with still some light in the sky and a moist floor so I took the opportunity to explore and ride some street. I found a couple of flat blocks not to far away which with abit TLC and wax would slide rather well. I also found in a rather close location some sweet benches that had afew lines and stuff that could be had however I am unsure on how much of a bust they would be. After riding through a questionable estate I found an amazing hand rail, small about 2 bikes long 6 or 8 stairs. It looks a peach and it has fences down bother sides of the stairs to hope over into a grass bank. Will have to send it I think, perfect for me I feel (not in the way them blue rails next to Fusion call center are for Pid though.)After abit more a mooch I came across a flat big of concrete into a grass bank with a little curb gap thing at the top which looked like it could be fun when the grass is dry to stunt into. After that I got abit lost and came across a rather sweet roundabout underpass with banks and a possible gap. Cobbles at the top stick up which limits a potential lethal wall ride and making the spot like something off skate but it's still canny good. Anyway that was one little loop around the area and there is plenty more exploration to be done and I shall let you know and if you are lucky take you to all of these new spots. Who knows, if I can find some mates there might be some on the edits!
See you soon.

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