Friday, 30 April 2010

FGI Photo Friday.

Well yet another sun and full filled week passes. I think I can get used to this. Uni work was all done by Tuesday and so shred has been on all week. Started off with me a Limbs riding the Alex bridge banks for the first time in a while where the long legged mac daddy got his sling on. Tuesday saw a trip to see your old friend Simon who you will see in this weeks photo along with IRNBRUs chief of staff and Team 2 Sand Dune member Billy the Lad. Wednesday we the third time lucky trip to Whitlybay with the old fella where the sun was shining down and burning the back of out necks all day long. What a fun park that is, tight lines, steep quarters and difficult twists and turns. My kind of riding. Found some sweet runs which didn't make it onto this months edit as I have to many clips of me as well as to many clips over all. Even learnt a new stunt which will be popping up in the next month or two. Anyway as I said this week has been full of stunts and sun and it's been awesome and I hope there is allot more to come so the three Bs can truly start. Beers, BBQ and BMX.
The edit is all done and dusted and I think it's the best one yet however I am off to main land Europe this afternoon to see brightly coloured cars on which I might do a one off update on here for the people who might be interested.
Here is what you have all be waiting for, Steven Dawson getting right up my mate Simon.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday For You.

Well another week goes by and it's another nice week. Last weekend saw the Leeds Jam and The Make prem which was awesome, do your self a a favour and buy it when it comes out. Mind blowing. Shit went down in Leeds as we decided to ride street and not hang around the park all day. Clocked some good footage for this months edit and for D'chums video. The week has seen little ride from me due to loads of uni work however the 2 times I have got out plenty of footage has been clocked and I have learnt 2 brand new stunts that I have never done before so I am very pleased. Tomorrow will see some brutal street action north of the Tyne and plenty of stunts court on camera for your enjoyment at the end of the month.
Anyway here is tonight photo of me being a park dog during on of my many recent mini ramp sessions.

Dig for fire.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Friday Frollicks.

Good morning people, how you all doing? Look at that shiny bastard out side, even a cloud of volcanic ash can't stop the sun shining down on our fair land way past seven pm. Due to this natural wonder of the sky's stunts have gone down all week and this weeks photo comes from the distant memory of Tuesday. Another thing that the sun has brought to us is the splendor that is Seaburn rail, it's like we have collected the letters to spell out G.R.I.N.D and jumped over the skateboarder and collected 20,000 points and it's been unlocked. It's been rideable for 4 days and it's already been shut down by Bill and Jake's excellent adventure last night which seen the park as busy as it's ever been with real people without their being a jam on.
Here is Defty Street Dog sending a crooks early in the week before last night all out assault.

In other good news I have added some axle extenders to my bike once again and have joined all this pegging action once again. Also in local news some kids at Temple park have removed a section of the fence to create a rather boosty jump box out the 1/4 and into the grass bank. I have only had a small shred but I can say without doubt it's a canny good addition and could lead to a rather interesting session.
And finally tomorrow sees the Hyde park jam and the long awaited The Make, Rain Dog premier in the good old party town of Leeds. The video looks mind blowingly good and it should be with the team they have. Should be an awesome day and night of stunts and watching stunts while falling over and grazing knees. Bring on the pint cans of Stella.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Better Late Than Never Monday Madness.

Good evening all, sorry for not up dating this bad lad on Friday but I was down in the capital doing abit stunt and abit chilling. Though that in stead of a photo, since I couldn't take one of myself, I thought I would do a little report of the 3 places I rode while down there.

After seeing the awesome Sick Of It All and AFI on the Tuesday night I thought that rather than just going mental in the house while Rosie was at work I thought I would have a little mooch up to an alright looking park that was not to far from the house. The mini ramp was canny, there was a nice drive way and it plentifully hips where more than any man needs to keep him busy on an afternoon however the gods of rain came and got me and the park session was rained off after about 30 minutes.

On Wednesday the sun was cracking the paving slabs and it was time to hit up a park I wanted to ride for quite awhile, Mile End. My word that park was good. Small but perfectly formed and amazingly set out. After a quick spy on Google Maps and working out that I could get the train to Liverpool Street my route was planned and I was off. It was a good 10/15 minutes ride to Mile End from Liverpool Street but simple enough to find. With it being the school holidays the place was canny packed but not overly. Was a canny good shred with many slingers but a bastard manual 180 did its best to spoil my day but I refused to let it get the better of me and had it before the day was out. Here is a little picture of the wonder that is Mile End skate park taken from the very good hip. If you can go to it, it's good.

On Thursday I made the long drive to the old-school madness that is Harrow Skate park. It was not for me at all, to hard to ride and not the place for a solo shred, maybe a full day with afew people it would be a canny fun, flowy park but solo, hungover and un-skilled in old school park riding it's not for you.

Anyways have a nice week and I have already got a photo for Friday and afew clips ready for the next edit.

Also if you can get to Leeds for The Make prem on Saturday it will be off the hook!

Friday, 2 April 2010

March edit.

A drunk man and a drunk post. March edit. I am not a fan, I hope you are.

We Ride Kids Bikes March 2010 edit. from Krissy Shee on Vimeo.

Friday Photo

Here is a shit photo. The real people will know that this is real BMX none of this Mark Web shit. Woods the man with a very good table at 5 Bridges on a not good bank. Impreasive I hope you will agree.
I love you all.