Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday Photo and footage update.

Need I say any more. Sorry to let you down. I'll see what I can do tomorrow for you all. Sorry.

Friday, 19 February 2010

That Friday Feeling.

Well what do you know more snow! Will this shit never end? Well it did a bit today actually but still. Finlay got a new wheel sorted this week so stunts are back on the agenda. Had a little trip to Seaburn this after noon to get some photos and some footage with Winn Dog. Was very pleasantly surprised to find the place fully dry which was nice so thought I would get a bit footage since I have a week left and not a sausage. But the day had to have some kick in the teeth which came in the form of a flat battery. Anyway tomorrow is my birthday and we are going to go on a little tour around some of the less ridden spots to try and gather some stuff for February's edit. On another note there is a nice new picture at the top of the page done by a very fine designer down in that there London [] which I am stoked on. She has done a few more for me which will be going up at a later date if all things go as planned. Also gonna get some sticker knocked up soon to. Thank you allot rosie, much appreciated. x

Anyway here is today's photo, me with a fakie up the bank to Barry Chuckle, don't even know how I have ended up at the angle I'm at but it was to cold so it had to do.

Enjoy, see you next week.

Friday, 12 February 2010

First February Friday Photo.

And guess what it's going to be a double bill. First off will be a new member to WeRideKidsBikes Mr Tall him self Peter Greaves. After a long drive back from London I had a cup or two of tea and get back in the rig for a trip to 5 bridges where we rendezvous with said Tall fellow. Was nice to see the lad was using his head and has some lovely fairy lights on his bike to keep his long body save. After a few laps of the course my driver decided to spew up all its bearings and grind to a halt, so that's me out of action till pay day and I get a new wheel. Bummer. Still managed to get this snap of ex pro basketball star Greaves doing what he does best, unfortunately my photo was having the best of times in the dark of the shadows.

And now for round two. As I said I felt bad for not putting a photo up last week so hear is a treat for you all. The Lad back from his winter vacation in the bar's braved the sub-zero temperatures and the pissing down rain for this gem. Putting on a show for the Internet in his natural habitat the sake park Billy Lad pops the smith to nozza like he was fresh out the kitchen.

myspace graphic is done on

See y'all next week. Might have some footage by then I hope not long till the edit! Oh shit.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tuesday Catch up and a Melon 3 DVD Review.

Well as you were told and can see there was no Friday Photo but do not worry you will have two, oh that's right two photos this week. The lack of photo was due to be having important business to attend to in foreign lands.
However I did return to a marvelous DVD know as Melon 3 from the fine young gentlemen over at the only blog on the internet worth looking at so I though I would do a little DVD review for them so here it goes.

Is Melon 3 good?

Does it make you want to go out and ride?

Was it worth the money?

Can I come round and watch since the post has been taken off the blog so it looks like they have no more copys and so I can't get one for myself?

Monday, 1 February 2010

The month it snowed.

Well just as the weekend rocked up guess who popped up to say hello, our old friend Frosty! Just as things started to look up and I might get a weekends worth of riding and filming right at the end of the month everywhere turns white again. And so this months edit, the first edit is abit lacking in stunts however I did find a very apt song and although it doesn't go very well I just had to use it. I shall be away this weekend so there might not be a Friday photo and if there is I will be suprised if it's BMX related however I will try my hardest to get one up if my phone will let me on Saturday.
Anyway enjoy a slightly shorter than expected video from January's BMX.

We Ride Kids Bikes January 2010 edit. from Krissy Shee on Vimeo.