Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Busy busy man photo of last week!

Well I am very sorry that this is so late. Busy man at the moment trying to find a house in London and finish off my Uni work and sort the jam out! Sucks, nee time for stunts or photos or footage and I have to be in London at the end of the week again. Trying get get some footage to get an edit out there as well as the edit that will come from the Seaburn jam but I am seriously running out of time and I have shit to do. Not good, but I will get it done don't worry, I have till Tuesday. Anyway as far as BMX went last week for me I didn't involve more than Seaburn and a sweet night time town mission involving Doxys finest and Woods and Daws however the reall shit didn't go down untill D tweaked his foot and we hit up the less ridden spots of the city center. We hit up this forgoton gem, well it you can call it that after Rob did the only possible half decent thing possible on it on NSF. I did give it a little love with afew manouvers and I do think there is more to be had if I get back to get some footage before the end of the month but you'll have to wait and see I guess.

Me with a shitty little wall ride.

After this little nibble me and Woods decided to part way with the Billy Lad and go hit up a late night Craggies block mission which turned out to be rather productive, well for me anyway. Here is a selection of the things that got thrown on the table.

Trademark footplant.


Letting the cat out the bag time and time again.

Woods getting tucked up for bed.


Also people remember its the Seaburn Jam v3 this Saturday so get yourself along for beer, BBQ, BMX and all round good times.

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